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Friday 10-11am   Wednesday 1-2am rebroadcast

Life Coach Lisa Lucca brings meaningful topics, interesting guests, and tools of the life coaching trade to help you create the life you want in the life you have by living true to yourself in life, work, and love.

Lisa's career as a Professional Certified Coach began after a job layoff post-9/11 led her to meet her first life coach, gaining so much from the experience that she went back to school for certification. She has served as a Success Coach for eWomen Network who named her one of the top coaches in North America. In nearly two decades, Lisa has brought her insight, intelligence, humor and an occasional kick in the pants to help hundreds of people follow their dreams and make the choice to create the life they want. Having been a guest on numerous radio shows, Lisa is taking her turn on the host mic at KTAL.

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