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I've spent the last decade in real estate, holding broker's licenses in both North and South Carolina. I've worked with first time home buyers, investors and in luxury real estate. I've always excelled at pricing homes correctly and negotiating the best deals for my clients. But none of that really matters if I can't meet my client where they are and understand their specific challenges. When I moved to Texas I made the decision to work with widows and widowers exclusively. This isn't a situation that can be understood without having been there personally.


When I lost my husband in 2019 I didn't know what the future would hold. I could not imagine any life that didn't include him. We'd built our dream home, spent five wonderful years there and our neighbors were our closest friends. The reality though was that I couldn't manage the upkeep, physically or financially, on my own. And no matter how long I stayed, my husband was never coming home. The turmoil I felt when trying to make the decision to sell my home was excruciating. Friends and family were great and showed up to help pack, load, clean and everything in between. What they didn't know was the storm that raged inside of me, when I could feel anything at all. Uncertainty, anger, depression, impatience, fear, joy and even love. It was all there, all the time, and I had no idea what was going to surface. 

The most difficult part of any real estate transaction during this time of grief is that you probably don't have a plan. It's unlikely that you know the nuances of selling after loss and there are some. That's where working with a professional who has also walked in your shoes can be more beneficial that you could ever imagine. No matter what emotion or state you happen to be in, I've been there. No matter what you may be facing financially, I can understand and be a resource while you navigate your options.

The most important aspect of working with someone like me is that I know the pressure you are already under and will never add to that. I'm here, when you're ready, or if you're never ready. I can be a trusted ally who never judges where you are at that moment. I truly understand joy and grief, hand in hand, every single day. 

My goal is to make the worst time of your life a little easier.

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