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Gini's passion has always been research and writing. After completing her Master's in Communications, she became interested in a type of research that answered why something happened, without any preconceived theories. She utilized this approach to embark on a quest to discover why her marriage went from fair to fabulous, almost overnight. Three years of research has launched her business Waking up Love. 

Her goal is to share the information that she has gathered in a way that makes it simple for people to improve Love in their lives. Whether it is romantic Love, self Love or Loving life...the foundation of Love makes all things possible. It started as a business and has become a mission. 

Originally from Texas, Gini now lives in the Carolinas, but always keeps a little of the Lone Start State in her heart. She attended Texas State University for her undergrad and Queens University of Charlotte for her Master's. Her dog, Lily, is her constant companion. She lost the love of her life in 2019, her husband of 20 years.