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One day my best friend and I were walking at the greenway near our home. We were talking about religion and beliefs. My husband was Catholic, like my best friend and her family, and I wanted her perspective on eternity...heaven. At this point in my grief I was looking for some connection, any connection, to my husband. We walked for miles talking about what it meant to be eternal in spirit.

During the last mile or so we noticed a yellow butterfly making tight circles around us. It would hover over Lisa as she spoke and then fly around me. As we neared the parking lot, we stopped for a moment and the butterfly landed right next to the toe of my shoe. It sat there and flapped its wings as we talked about it. It never moved as long as we were stopped.

Every time I was outside a single yellow butterfly would appear. Then one day Lisa, another friend and I were at a pool and a swarm of yellow butterflies circled the entire pool. There must have been thousands of them. We sat with our mouths agape as they fluttered high above us, then suddenly surrounded us before they flew away.

The yellow butterflies didn't disappear when I moved to Texas. Occasionally, if I'm struggling, a single one will show up and flutter around me for a few seconds before flying away. There could be a lot of explanations for this. Yellow butterflies aren't terribly unique. However, I've always felt it was a sign that I'm not alone. I chose to use this for my logo because I want my clients to feel that they are not alone either.

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