From Home to House

A home is a place where your heart lives. A home is where you create memories and live through the ups and downs of life. A home is not necessarily tangible. The walls that make up my house are not my home.

This is something, as a professional home stager, that I always work with on with clients. We get so attached to our houses because they feel like home. But, what I tell my clients is that you are taking your home with you wherever you go. Your kids are not staying in the house when you sell it. You aren't going to leave your pets or your spouse. You will take the family photos with you. And, you will leave the floors, the walls, the ceiling and all other structural pieces of the home.

When you decide to put your house on the market it becomes a product. Just like a car, a purse or anything else that you purchase. So, just like everything that is for sale, we have to think about how to market your product. The first thing that HAS to happen is to stop thinking of this product, that will go on the open market, as your home. Your home will go in boxes (except your family and pets) to be moved to your next place.

The memories that you make in the house are not your last. You will go on to make new memories in another location. Think about it, you can make memories on vacation, at other people's homes, at school or on the job. Your memories are not dependent on where you live. So let yourself move your thought process from home to house allowing you to see it through objective eyes.

When you can see your house objectively then you can begin to understand that there are things that need to be changed to appeal to the largest number of people. You may love the color orange, but you logically know that the majority of buyers will not want to see an overwhelming amount of orange. That is not a comment on your decor, it is just a reality that a more neutral palette is more appealing to a larger number of people.

Remember, we live in our homes differently than we market and sell our house!

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