Oh What a difference furniture makes!!

It might seem counter-intuitive that furniture makes a room look larger. But, the above photos are of the same room, at the same time of day but one with furniture and one without. The picture with furniture gives the viewer a frame of reference. They can see that a large table and a china cabinet fits in the room with little difficulty.

Why is that important? 95% of buyers start their new home search on the internet. They could easily discount a home because it looks small. Even listing the size of rooms doesn't help people visualize how they could live in that room. Staging a room with furniture makes a huge difference.

The funny thing about the above photo is that it is my home. We moved about 2 months ago. This home kept coming up on the gateway that my realtor had set up for me. I kept deleting it because it was bland, unfinished and just didn't appeal to me all that much.

After 2 months of searching and our Realtor® showing us not less than 20 houses, we were desperate. Everything that we looked at was too far out, too dated, too small, too big or just not an area that appealed to us. I printed out a list of homes that I had designated as maybe. We went out, on a Sunday, and drove by every one of the maybe homes. Again, we were completely disappointed. Then we drove into the neighborhood where we would eventually buy. The home that we ended up purchasing was having an open house. We went in and it was freezing cold, empty, not much personality....a typical new home that hasn't been staged. Luckily, I do this for a living so I could see the potential.

We ended up buying the house. But, we were there for quite awhile that day and we came back the next Saturday to another open house. Lots of people walked through while we were there. I heard the comments. People liked the idea of new construction, they loved the lot, they thought the open concept was awesome. But, they thought the bedrooms were tiny, the house was bland and they couldn't see how their furniture would fit.

That is exactly why we stage. This house should have sold months before it did. People just couldn't see the potential. That is the difference that furniture makes!!

#Staging #Makingaroomlookbigger

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