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Waking Up Love Workbook

Waking Up Love Workbook

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Love is the greatest force in the world and seems to be a challenge in many relationships today. If you ever feel alone in your relationship and you want more connection, this is for you. If you love your partner or spouse, but you don't always like them very much, then this is for you. If you have issue, after issue, piling up to create a mountain between you and your partner or spouse, then this is for you. Waking up Love is about creating the kind of love that you crave. It is a super simple way to shift your relationship back to love using what the author calls, The Method.

The Method is an easy, focused way to realize love that is vibrant and fully awake. Many people don't actively work on improving their relationships because traditional therapies or concepts take a huge time commitment and participation from both partners. Because it isn't always possible to commit the time or get buy-in from your partner, The Method was developed to be effective if utilized on your own, in a short amount of time. Life is better, when love is easier and the author is honored to be able to share with you something that can help you to achieve just that.

What others have gained in their relationships by incorporating The Method:

More joy
Less stress
More affection
Deeper connection
Easier communication
Greater sense of overall well being

The Method is a result of over three years of research to understand why this works and how to make it as easy as possible. The exercises and stories that are shared in the Waking up Love Workbook have been designed based on this extensive research. Understanding the stresses of life today, the author put together simple ways for you to make changes in your thoughts and focus, that allow you to easily incorporate The Method into your demanding life, and realize the love you crave.

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