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Reinvention: A widow's guide to healing and home

Reinvention: A widow's guide to healing and home

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The word reinvention often gets a bad rap because we don't really want to go through this process. However, the ability to reinvent our lives is one of the greatest gifts we have as humans. We don't have to stay in a space that doesn't serve us because we have the capacity to dream, set intentions and make changes we DO want. And even if you really dislike the word, you've already done reinvented your life at least once and you might not even realize it!


When life unfolds in unexpected ways...change is inevitable. When we take control of the change, with intention, that's reinvention. As widows we experience one of the biggest life changing events, and it may challenge our ability to take control. Doing one simple thing with intention is a step in reinvention. If you haven't already done this, this book will help you figure how to make it happen!


Where we live is an important part of the reinvention journey because it's possibly the only place we can be exactly who we are in this moment. It's the place that allows us to recharge and gives us the energy to step into our new lives. Whether you stay where you are or you need a new address, the information in this book will help you stay on track. I've provided  checklists, to-do lists and helpful hints to make it easier. 


I wish you renewed joy in your reinvention journey. ♥︎

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